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  • Shenzhen Guangyang Zhongkang Technology Co., Ltd

  •  [Guangdong,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer
  • Main Mark: Africa , Americas , Asia , East Europe , Europe , Middle East , North Europe , Oceania , West Europe , Worldwide
  • Exporter:81% - 90%
  • Certs:GB, ISO9001, CE, RoHS
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Shenzhen Guangyang Zhongkang Technology Co., Ltd

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About Us

Shenzhen Guangyang Zhongkang Technology Co Ltd Established in 2013 is a rapid growing enterprise laser therapy device supplier which integrate the producing and marketing of health Laser therapy devices After 5 year effort and development now we have become one of the leading Laser therapy devices manufacturers and suppliers in China We are always keeping a very kind relationship with many Nutrition products factories Health care research organizations and hospitals in china and have been enjoying high reputation in health care and recovery market domestically and internationally Our factory focus on laser therapy machine such as laser therapy watch knee massager Laser Pain Relief Device...

Categories and Products

Laser Therapy Machine

Laser Therapy Wrist Watch

Medical Device Laser Therapy Wrist Watch medical laser therapy watch equipment physiotherapy low level light laser therapy watch equipment semiconductor physiotherapy rhinitis laser therapy equipment soft cold wrist laser therapy apparatus watch cold laser diabete therapy wrist watch device rhinitis medical 650nm laser treatment wrist watch cold diabetes laser therapy acupuncture equipment laser acupuncture medical therapy light watch instrument vantros im dr laser harga therapeutic apparatus lllt laser physical therapy apparatus for diabetic semiconductor cold laser therapy device lllt low level laser therapy device high blood pressure laser diode treatment machine low intensity light laser therapy machine therapeutic cold laser therapy machine in physiotherapy low level laser therapy treatment watch therapeutic low level cold laser treatment for hypertension physiotherapy red light cold laser therapy treatment device best lllt cold light therapy laser treatment device 

Laser Pain Relief Machine

810nm Laser Pain Relief Machine laser blood irradiation therapy machine Laser Physical Body Pain Relief Therapy Machine 810nm Rehabilitation Laser Pain Relief Therapy Instrument Physical Low Level Laser Therapy Equipment Massager cold laser treatment therapy for back pain natural cold laser pain management for pain light laser therapy for pain relief management Laser treatment homeopathic pain relief device 

Laser Knee Therapy Machine

650nm Laser Knee Therapy Machine cold laser therapy treatment for knee pain 

Red Light Therapy Bed

Collagen Red Light Therapy Bed

PDT Machine Collagen Red Light Therapy Bed 

Led Light Therapy Bed

LED Light Therapy Bed infrared led red light therapy bed red led light therapy bed for skin infrared light skin therapy bed for sale led red light treatment for skin best red photon light therapy tanning bed collagen infrared red light therapy bed infrared led photon therapy machine infrared phototherapy light bed for sale Suyzeko infrared lamp therapy bed collagen led skin phototherapy red light therapy bed Skin Rejuvenation led light therapy bed Inner Light LED Therapy Bed Laying LED Light Therapy Bed FULL BODY PHOTOBIOMODULATION CANOPY BED full body multiwave led light therapy bed 

Metatron Hunter 4025 NLS

Touch Screen Hunter 4025

Touch Screen Metatron Hunter 4025 NLS 

Metatron Hunter 4025

Metatron Hunter 4025 NLS metatron hunter 4025 25d nls body analyzer biofeedback equipment 4025 hunter gr nls metatron full body health analyzer machine biofeedback hunter 4025 metapathia metatron hunter 4025 25d nls body analyzer metatron 4025 hunter nls health scanner body analyzer nls 4025 metatron hunter ssch metatron metapathia gr hunter 4025 nls health diagnosis therapy device body scanner machine metatron nonlinea ipp metatron hunter 4025 nls ssch nonlinear metapathia medicomat gr hunter 4025 18d 25d hunter nls body health analyzer bioresonance biofeedback hunter 4025 nls body analyzer bioresonance health scan and therapy hunter 4025 health detection machines hunter 4025 nls hunter 4025 metapathia gr 25d nls metatron 4025 metapathia gr hunter price HEALTH AUTO scan and META-therapy hunter 4025 NLS ipp metatron nonlinear diagnostic hunter 4025 health analyzer Metatron Hunter 4025 Iris nls 


Touch Screen 8D NLS

Touch Screen 8D LRIS NLS 

Vector 8D NLS

8D LRIS NLS Health Analyzer 8d 17d 18d nls aura body health analyzer 8d 9d lris nls health analyzer 8d nls bioresonance full body health analyzer vector 8d nls lris bioresonance health scanner 9d nls health analyzer scanner machine bioresonance 8d nls health analyzer scanning equipment 9d vector lris nls quantum health analyzer bioplasm 9d 17d iris nls scanner vector 18d nls device aura analyzer price 8d 17d nls bio scan body health analyzer bioplasm 9d nls bioresonanz body health analyzer 9d quantum analysis aura chakra detector vega testing machine non linear scanner system medical dolma body health energy analyzer biofeedback bioresonance 8d nls therapy health analyzer 8d 18d lris nls sub health analyzer bio quantum health analyzer 9d nls scanner 

Vector V16 NLS

Suyzeko Vector biofeedback V16 NLS vector diagnostic nls scan machine bioresonance aura analyzer diagnostic machine physiospect body health scanner nonlinear analysis equipment oberon vector V16 nls bio resonance therapy machine biofeedback Russian Vector V16 software therapy machine body chakra energy analyzer device oberon non linear aura diagnostic device Vector nls body sub health analyzer body health nonlinear nls scanner 

Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer

Mini Quantum Analyzer

Quantum Resonance Magnetic Body Analyzer quantum resonance magnetic body analyzer price Mini quantum resonance magnetic analyser quantum resonance body health analyzer machine quantum health analyzer machine price body composition quantum health analyzer test machine quantum magnetic health analyzer machine quantum magnetic body analyser machine quantum magnetic resonance full body scan health analyzer quantum resonance magnetic analysis body health analyzer sub body magnetic resonance analyzer machine 

918 Quantum Analyzer

918 quantum resonance magnetic analyzer price 

Purple Quantum Analyzer

quantum resonance magnetic analyzer body scanner 2018 quantum magnetic bio scanner analysis software download quantum health analyser bio body scanner health diagnostic equipment human body analysis machine bio feedback quantum body analyzer machine system 

Golden Quantum Analyzer

quantum resonance magnetic body analyzer machine 

Square Quantum Analyzer

full body scanner quantum analyzer 

Medium Quantum Analyzer

portable Polish magnetic quantum analyzer 

Quantum Therapy Analyzer

quantum health scanner magnetic therapy analyzer machine 

Large Quantum Analyzer

large quantum weak magnetic resonance analyzer 

Pet Quantum Analyzer

2019 Animal quantum analyzer free download software vet hospital pet dog cat health quantum scanner Animal Scanner quantum resonance magnetic analyzer price QRMA animal quantum resonance magnetic Pet Scanner 14 reports quantum resonance magnetic analyzer for Pet Quantum analyzer for Animals Dog Cat PET Scanner SSCH PET SCANNER QUANTUM ANALYZER FOR DOG CAT High accuracy Chinese medicine PET scanner Pet Body Health Analysis and Detection Quantum Machine Pet Quantum Veterinary Detecting Animal's Body Health Device Latest Pet Quantum Resonance Animal Body Health Diagnosis Cat dog body health checking machine QRMA device 

Bioresonance Therapy Machine

Bioresonance Frequency Therapy Machine low frequency physiotherapy therapy device mora bioresonance therapy machine price physical therapy device rife frequency therapy device singapore bioresonance therapy device price for allergies physical therapy life system biofeedback frequency generator bio resonance energy healing rife frequency therapy machine electrodermal testing bio-physical information therapy non-invasive brt therapy treat a number of illnesses multi-frequency portable therapy BRT Bioresonance Body Health BRT therapy device bicom 2000 mora testing machine for sale brt bio frequency therapy machine Portable SSCH BRT Electromagnetic BIO Resonance Therapy SSCH BRT Bioresonance Therapy Machine SSCH Bioresonance Therapy Device for sale Android System low frequency physiotherapy device physical low frequency therapy equipment 

High Potential Therapy Machine

Suyzeko High Potential Therapy Machine magnetic wave machine negative ion potential therapy machine hpt high potential voltage therapy equipment bio electric potential electromagnetic therapy device electric field high potential therapy apparatus machine electromagnetic field physiotherapy potential therapy device high frequency half wave potential therapy device Natural Pain Relief HIGH POTENTIAL Therapy Device 2019 electric therapy machine/personal Half Wave machine waki high potential therapy machine for back pain Insomnia Negative Ion Therapy Device 

Iridology Camera

Iris Iriscoope Iridology Camera eye scope iriscope iridology camera 12mp iridology iris scanner camera eye test machine portable iriscope iridology scanner camera portable usb iriscope iridology camera device iridology camera analyzer machine portable iridology camera iris scope device for sale 

Meridian Health Detector

Meridian Health Detection Expert 

Micirculation Microscope

8 Inch Micirculation Microscope

8 Inch Nailfold Micirculation Microscope Detector SSCH Capillaroscope Nailfold Microcirculation Detector Clinic Use Capillary Healthcare Diagnosis Color LCD monitor microcirculation microscope LED screen Blood Capillary microcirculation detector CE Clinical blood detector microcirculation machine CE microcirculation microscope machine 8 inch portable LED display Nailfold capillaroscope tester Medical microcirculation nailfold capillaroscopy device blood circulation detector body health analyzer machine 

10 Inch Micirculation Microscope

10 Inch Nailfold Micirculation Microscope Detector Digital Microscope Terminal Microcirculation Observation biological microscope Microcirculation Capillary Observation 10'' color screen home use blood microcirculation machine 500x Amplifier Blood Capillary Detecting Health Instrument Noninvasive blood capillary microcirculation microscope color lcd nailfold capillary Digital Microscope blood tester Electronic Digital Blood Microcirculation Detector Portable Microscope Microvascular testing equipment skin blood observation microcirculation detector 

12 Inch Micirculation Microscope

12Inch blood capillary microcirculation microscope 

Millimeter Wave Therapy Machine

Millimeter Wave Therapy Machine 

Foot Spa Machine

Ionic Detox Foot Spa

Ionic Foot Detox SPA Machine ionic foot spa bath machine best foot ion cleanse spa machine ionic foot cleanse detoxification machine for sale best ionic foot bath toxin cleanse at home ionic cleans foot soak machine Toxin water Foot detoxifier Bath Spa machine electric foot soak bath cleaner machine ion cleanse foot spa toxin removal machine best ionic cleanse foot bath machine for sale detoxificationion cleanse foot spa for sale 

Hydrogen Spa

Hydrogen Water Spa Machine 

Colon Hydrotherapy Machine

colon hydrotherapy machine equipment colon irrigation hydrotherapy cleansing machine colon colonic irrigation hydrotherapy equipment for sale home colonic treatment colon hydrotherapy spa machine ozone colonic irrigation colon hydrotherapy equipment colonic irrigation instrument for spa centre 2019 Portable beauty SPA colon hydrotherapy speculum machine Home use cleansing Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment 

Prostate Treatment Machine

Prostate Gland Therapy Health Care Device 

Beauty Machine

Skin Analyzer

Portable Skin Analyzer Machine 3d beauty bio skin analyzer sam facial skin analyzer machine portable skin analyzer beauty magnifier machine skin moisture scanner analyzer usb smart skin scope analysis camera portable skin moisture analysis machine skin scope moisture tester machine portable skin analyzer equipment portable skin analysis machine equipment portable facial skin analysis moisture analyzer handheld skin analyzer analysis system magnifier facial skin diagnosis scanner analyzer device portable skin analyzer moisture detector magnifier uv face analyzer skin analysis machine Advanced Skin scanner analyzer Analysis Device face skin moisture analyzer analysis detector 

Hair Removed Device

IPL Hair Removal Machine 

Led Light Beauty Machine

pdt led light phototherapy facial therapy machine pdt photodynamic led light therapy machine professional led facial red light therapy machine led pdt skin rejuvenation light therapy machine photon pdt led light therapy face rejuvenation machine led light beauty therapy equipment for sale photodynamic infrared led light skin facial therapy machine pdt red blue light therapy machine for sale professional led skin rejuvenation facial machine pd red bio light facial beauty machine pdt red light photodynamic therapy equipment photodynamic pdt facial skin light therapy equipment 

Massage Product

Neck Massager Pillow

Health Care Neck Massage Pillow air pressure vibrator heat massager pillow electric massage vibrator pillow machine electric u shape neck heated vibration massage equipment portable shiatsu neck pillow massager battery operated air massage vibrator pillow electric body heat massager car massage pillow massage vibration heated massager equipment shiatsu personal neck massager machine electric cervical neck massager pillow battery neck massage vibrator device vibrating neck massage instrument traction pillow 

Acupuncture Pen

Portable Diagnosis Acupuncture Pen 

Laser Knee Massager

Laser Knee Therapy Massager cold laser knee therapy massager for pain infrared heating laser electric knee therapy massager device pain injuire arthritis knee care laser massager device 

Acupuncture Stimulator

TENS Acupuncture Needle Stimulator 

Waist Therapeutic Belt

Electronic Pulse Waist Therapeutic Belt 

Infrared Protector

Far Infrared Neck Massager 

Hydrogen Water Bottle

240ml Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator 240ml hydrogen rich water bottle portable hydrogen water generator maker bottle 

Photobiomodulation Therapy Helmet

PBM 810nm light brain disorders therapy machine Brain photonbiomodulation 810nm Light Therapy Biomagnetic Brain Stimulation 810nm LED Therapy Helmet 810nm LED Therapy For Brain Wound Healing Transcranial Healing Near Infrared Light Thearpy Devices Infrared Light Therapy Brain Tumor Recovery Helmet 810nm Brain Photobiomodulation Deep Tissue Therapy 810nm NIR Light Neurostimulation Photobiomodulation therapy 810nm therapy helmet increasing cerebral blood flow 810nm NIR Brain photobiomodulation for enhancing cognition 810nm PBM helmet for cerebravel therapy photobiomodulation therapy FOR Traumatic brain injury Deep brain stimulation PBM THERAPY HELMET photobiomodulation 810NM helmet for Brain tumor heals lighting 810nm led helmet for Increased Pressure PBM therapy 810nm helmet for traumatic brain injury led light therapy 810NM HELMET for wound healing transcranial light therapy infrared 810nm helmet for Stroke 810nm light therapy devices for Ischemic stroke photobiomodulation therapy helmet for Hemorrhagic stroke 

Ultrosound Therapy Device

SSCH home ultrasound therapy machine Transcranial ultrasound treatment for back pain Healthcare plantar fasciitis ultrasonic therapy equipment Ultrasound treatment device for tennis elbow Latest frozen shoulder therapeutic ultrasound machine Physical ultrasound treatment for knee pain reliever Sports injury ultrasonic therapeutic equipment from SSCH Body pain reduction ultrasound shock wave therapy machine 2019 Large LCD pain relief shockwave ultrasonic device 2019 Rehabilitation physiotherapy ultrasonic apparatus Ultrasound shock therapy for electrical muscle stimulation 

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