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A little guide to good health


When you are in a quiet environment and listen carefully, you can hear your own even breathing, rhythmic heartbeat, bowel sounds several times per minute... These sounds from the body are exactly The performance of your vitality. However, there are some [noise" that the human body should not have. These [noises" appear not only to show that the body has no vitality, but also to have a [red light" on the body's health!!

The body emits these five sounds healthy and bright "red light"!


There are many reasons for cough, but one thing must be clear is that "the lung does not drop", Chinese medicine says "all organs are cough, not alone lung", specific to the clinical must be subdivided!

The common cough is no more than three conditions.

The first type of cough is just a bit of itching. The float above and below the diaphragm is very large. The prerequisite for this cough is smooth movement of the diaphragm.

The second, heavier cough is a cough in the lungs. Not only does it require the strength of the diaphragm but it also requires the muscles of the two threats to be in good condition.

The third type of cough, the heaviest, is a cough that removes the kidney qi and requires the muscle strength of the diaphragm, the two threats, and the abdomen.

How to do?

The first type of cough, itch itch, if it is throat itch, consider taking wheat flavor Di Huang Wan.

The second type of cough, if it is caused by a cold, can be considered Xiaoqinglongtang and other prescriptions.

The third kind of cough, the most severe clinical symptoms, must be combined with the situation at that time.


Between the chest and the abdomen, there is a thick muscular membrane like a hat, which is the diaphragm. There will be paroxysmal and convulsive contractions in the diaphragm, and people will stop

How does Chinese medicine explain the "hiccup" thing?

After the first fight is comfortable or uncomfortable!

1 The clinically common patient is comfortable after snoring. The basic reason is that the stomach gas does not fall.

Feel comfortable after snoring, if there is usually diarrhea, this is a ginger Jiang Xie Decoction.

If there is no case of diarrhea or abdominal thunder but there is bloating, consider consuming it on the outside, especially if the appetite is too small. If you eat two people who are full, you will have less nap and drink after you drink. increase.

2 I feel uncomfortable after snoring. One after another snoring is very uncomfortable. In particular, when anger, nervousness, and worsening indicate an irritating situation, I may consider whipping up Daishishishitang.

Xuanfu Daishishi Tangfang

Invigorating flowers, two ginseng, two two ginger, five generations of meteorite, one or two licorice, three and a half, half summer, half a jujube, and 12 jujubes.


There are two types of tinnitus, one is buzzing, and the other is current. This is evidence of a large deficiency, mainly because the function of the "small intestine main fluid" is insufficient, and the "liquid" refers to the subtle substance of the body. The direct reaction form of sperm, this kind of tinnitus indirectly reflects the deficiency of kidney essence;

Another kind of tinnitus, rumbling like a train rumbling, or as a gale, this is the problem of liver and gallbladder meridian, caused by the triple burner.

How to do?

Massage both ears

Use the index finger and middle finger of both hands to rub the ears of the ears, listening to the palace, listening to the meeting, the sinus space, the pulse, and the wind bleed points, and press the rubbing on both sides at the same time, 50 times a day. This method can benefit from deafness and blood and is effective for preventing and treating various ear diseases.

Ming Tian Drum

The palms were hot and the two palms were tightly pressed on the outer ear canal, and the middle finger of both hands rubbed the middle finger to knock the occipital bones behind the brain, for a total of 60 times. Then the palms cover the external auditory canal and then lift it off abruptly. At this time, there is a shot-like sound in the ear, so that the continuous opening and closing of the sound is 9 times. The above is once and can be done 3 times a day.

Decoction treatment


For the ear impulses in the ears, the Bupleurum agent can be used, such as Xiaochaihu Decoction, Sini Powder, Dachaihu Decoction, etc., to clear the liver and gallbladder meridians and triple burners, and to pay attention to the body fluid level during the treatment.


For the ears, such as "crying" fever deficient tinnitus, to restore the "small intestine main fluid" function and kidney gas levels, treatment time is relatively long and difficult to cure. You can use Fuzi Lizhong Decoction, Qi Sini Decoction and other prescriptions to restore spleen and kidney function long-term.


When you go to bed, your teeth bite and your back muscles get sore and aching. If you have this symptom, you may get bruxism.

Chinese medicine practitioners believe that when they go to bed at night, during the daytime, [god" works in the brain to ensure that we are awake and that [god" is hidden in the heart at night. Adequate body fluids support, the heart is easy to have heat, it is prone to bruxism, sleep talks and even sleepwalking problems.

How to do?

In view of the heart-warming situation, it is generally the case that the heart does not receive the maintenance of body fluids for a long period of time, resulting in virtual heat, which is usually accompanied by upsets, yellow urine, and the like. Coptis gelatin soup can be used. In addition, the problem of body fluids is due to the weak spleen and kidney function. Clinically, according to the specific symptoms, it should be based on the principle of [seeing the syndrome, knowing what is wrong, and following the evidence".

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